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Types of Air Compressors


 There are different types of air compressors currently in the market.  They come in various styles and are made to serve different purposes. Safety, cost, and productivity of every given type of air compressor are guaranteed by the choice you make. We have three main types of air compressors. These include the rotary screw models, piston drive models and continuous-run models.  These are the most commonly found types of air compressors which have been designed to solve most of the common problems. They are designed with features which can be used to expand the application of the machine. They are instrumental in the home set up, in industrial consumption and also in the businesses which require air compression. You will find detailed information about every type of the air compressor.


To start with is the continuous-run compressor which is also known as the compact compressor is used for supplying compressed air which is needed for the continuous operation of the compression machine. This type of an air compressor operates through shrinking the air nozzles or hoses which uses forced air by reducing the size of the nozzles. This, in turn, increases the air pressure before it emerges. This air compressor is commonly found in the car tire centers to inflate the tires, mattresses and any other place where minor inflation is required. Get Air Compressor for sale here!


The second type of air compressor is the rotary screw compressor. These types of air compressors are majorly found in the big and busy industries like the manufacturing and assembling companies. These models use large screws to compress the air and force it up inside the storage tank. This only makes it different from the piston-driven air compressors which use pistons to squeeze the air. They can be in either dual or single-stage variety. This is an added advantage to them which helps them to push for higher pressure outputs. Purchase generator for sale here!


The third type of air compressor is the piston-driven compressors. This kind of air compressors uses specifically pistons to push the air. Again they have an advantage of storing the air on top of compressing it. This feature is essential because it helps in a steady supply of the compressed air. Due to this unique feature, the device does not necessarily run nonstop to supply continuous compressed air. This device is useful in residential garages and some host workshops. They come in single or two-stage varieties. These types of compressors are most preferred and widely used due to their relatively small size and their portability too. Learn more at http://www.ehow.com/about_6040048_gas-vs_-electric-air-compressors.html.